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The Future Of Testing

Manual testing and test automation roles evolve with the software landscape. As more enterprises increase automation rates, fewer test cases will be left for testers to run manually.

More manual testers learn to automate their tests, and automation engineers find that the focus of their work changes as well. Manual testers and automation engineers will see their job descriptions changing and, as a result, become more valuable to their respective companies than ever before.

The shift to test automation is happening: API tests are much more stable and faster than UI tests, so API testing will be the dominant method of testing apps in the future. Next to this, service virtualization, will play a vital role as an enabler of high test automation rates in complex and interconnected landscapes as well, becoming an integral part of test automation.

What does this mean for modern organizations?

  • The share of testing in IT budgets will not increase, despite the demand for speed.
  • Testing will become much faster and more efficient in comparison to today.
  • Test automation rates will increase dramatically, simply because they have to in order to keep testing in parallel with the increased pace of agile development.
  • Remaining manual tests will be predominantly exploratory. Automated UI tests will be more important than they are today – but they will require a smaller share of the effort in relation to full automation.

How will these changes affect today’s manual testers and automation engineers?

If we take a brief look at the history of test automation, we recognize that maintenance efforts have always been the biggest threat to automated test cases: when the automated testing maintenance efforts outweigh the manual execution efforts, why stick with automation? Using a sophisticated framework eases the pain, but on top of being extremely expensive to implement and maintain, frameworks transform test automation into a software development project, excluding business testers from the automation process.

To complicate things further, API testing today is purely the domain of the technically savvy. How can enterprise API testing be expanded without first hiring more developers? Don’t forget Service Virtualization! Which will soon be a fundamental requirement in complex system landscapes. Without Service Virtualization, testing environments will not be available to support the systems in Continuous Test – who will deal with that?

Does that mean that all our manual testers of today need to be replaced by “development-testers” in order to meet the rigors of Agile and DevOps practices?

The key to success doesn’t lie in restructuring the testing department, but in changing the way we leverage the tools of software testing using FASTESTQA.

Test Automation and Test Management Solution

The Challenge

Budget holdes, product owners and QA teams face the challenge to rapidly test complex, integrated applications within very short time spans. Often budgets and test time frames are very tight and professional test capacity is not available at the right time.

The Solution

FASTEST is a Modern Continuous Testing platform that accelerates testing to keep pace with modern Software development teams. FASTEST is the best available Continuous testing platform for Agile and DevOps project teams. With the industry's most innovative functional testing technologies, FASTEST breaks through the barriers experienced with conventional testing tools.

Using FASTEST, enterprise development and testing teams achieve unprecedent 90%+ test automation rates, enabling them to deliver the fast and continuous feedback required for enablement of Continuous Development, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing and Continuous Deployment (CD).

FASTEST is being used by global fast paced delivery teams, which want incident free deployments of valuable software frequently. FASTEST is used for simplifying end-to-end functional testing, creation of Testing data, execution of automated tests across all layers of modern enterprise architectures &mdash from the API, to web, mobile, and custom/ packaged app UIs, to BI and data warehouses. It is designed to embrace and extend your existing tests (e.g., Selenium, SoapUI, HPE UFT) while enabling Continuous Testing within your CI/CD process.

The Advantages

  • Coordinate, manage and control all testing from a single dashboard: manual and automated testing.
  • Automate your entire testing end-to-end and achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility.
  • Less human test capacity is required.
  • Prevents continuous repetition of manual testing with the possible result of human errors such as missing defects during the test execution.
  • Integration testing and business process testing across the whole chain of applications: end-to-end testing across all applications and services.
  • Highly maintainable and repeatable tests that utilize reusable test assets.
  • Saving time and freeing up resources by building and maintaining in an efficient manner.
  • Enables 24x7 automated testing without the need of present resources, resulting in higher test coverage.
  • Enforcing consistent and disciplined documentation and execution of ISTQB or T-Map based test projects.
  • FASTEST supports a wide variety of web and non-web (rich client) applications testing, including Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.
  • On device testing for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

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Unique Value Proposition

4 Day Learning Curve

Be productive with at most four days' training.

50% Cost of Testing

The automation paradigm yields improvements of over 50% in costs, labour and efficiency.

Optimal Risk Coverage

FASTEST helps determine the most efficient set of test cases and data for optimal coverage.

Systems Integrations

Supported integrations with JIRA, Jenkins, HP-ALM, Docker, and more.

Mobile Testing On Device

Operational and fully embedded.

Recorder: Powerful Automation

A powerful robot that automates all activity in the clients' software.

Simulated Mobile Testing

For iOS and Android.

Get Users Involved

No programming skills needed to create and maintain test cases.

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